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Dave Rankine

Dave has been a story-teller his entire life. From his Year 6 creative writing victory at Excelsior Public School in 1982 to his present day career as owner and publisher of Bathurst City Life – writing has been in his blood. As a small business owner and editor, the ability to successfully write, plan and publish a weekly news magazine may be one thing – but the skills to run a successful business in an industry believed to be in decline was certainly something else. Enter CenWest Innovate in 2017. With a genuine connectedness to its business community and a class of highly motivated business owners from across the Central West – Dave and his wife Cath saw the program as a perfect fit for their business. A year later, and with a 76% per cent increase in profits, an 80% increase in circulation and a 50% reduction in Dave’s work hours – the proof has certainly been in the pudding. Giving him more time to do the things he loves – mountain biking with his kids.