Hon. Matt Kean

Matt Kean is Hornsby Shire born and bred. From Wahroonga where he was born, to Pennant Hills where he bought his first home, to Hornsby Mall where he has his office, Matt is a true-blue local.

In 2011, Matt became the youngest member of the NSW Legislative Assembly when he was elected Member for Hornsby. Within a year, he was elected to chair the NSW Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General. Under his stewardship, the committee recommended radical changes to the system of land valuation in NSW to make it fairer for home owners. On January 30, 2017 Matt was elevated to the NSW Cabinet as the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation. Matt has always seen himself as a champion of the little guy and this role gives him an opportunity to put this passion into practice in his electorate and across the state. As minister, he is responsible for a diverse range of issues with a portfolio that includes consumer protection, workplace safety, and innovation.

So far, he has:

  • reformed the laws around gift cards to ensure a minimum three-year expiry date
  • attacked ticket scalpers with new laws to smash their dodgy business models
  • commissioned Kathryn Greiner to conduct an extensive review into retirement villages to improve the quality of life for their residents
  • initiated the Bergin Report into charitable fundraising, to ensure people can have confidence about their donations
  • tackled quad bike safety issues with a raft of reforms to reduce deaths and injuries

As a keen promoter of innovative technology and its power to improve the economy, Matt is committed to highlighting the ways innovative technology and thinking can improve quality of life, as well as the NSW economy.